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Frequently asked questions

What is Truedime?

Truedime offers a exclusive health insurance plan for international students studying in the US.

How is Truedime so cheaper? Does it cover everything my school does?

Your school's plan is generic -- they cover everyone. But international students like us are generally younger and healthier. Thus, our insurance premiums should be low. Truedime creates plans for people like us, driving premiums low without compromising on coverage.

What if my school doesn't accept Truedime?

Truedime meets (or exceeds) the coverage requirements of most schools in the US. However, in the case that your school does refuse to waive your current plan, we will refund you the entire amount you paid for signing up for Truedime.

How did the idea come about?

We started Truedime out of our own experiences as international students unfamiliar with how healthcare worked in the US. Each of us have horror stories either about getting a huge bill because we didn't get what in/out of network meant, or the fact that most places have a month long waitlist for appointments! 

We knew health insurance could be much better than this. We couldn't find one, so build Truedime. 

Are you hiring?

We are excited to have you join us. Drop us an email at

What students say about truedime

Truedime saved me a couple of thousand dollars. That’s pretty much my expenses for the whole semester. Recommended it to a friend.
Allan Costa '19
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston
I wish this existed for all the past years I have been paying for NYU’s plan. Saved me from working a campus job my senior year.
Nacho Maiz '18
New York University, New York
As a freshman, I was worried about waiving the school plan but Truedime meets Berkeley’s requirement which made it easier.
Ambika Mukherjee '21
UC Berkeley, Berkeley
I was initially worried about the whole 'waiver' affair. The folks at Truedime actually filled in everything for me.
Prabhat Bhootra '20
Trinity College, Hartford